First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions

First Cut is the sole agent for a comprehensive and distinctive range of band saw machines from Taiwan-based Everising Machine Company.  These machines are reliable, durable and affordable, ensuring maximum productivity and minimum cost. We carry a large stock of Everising machines which can be viewed at our showrooms nationwide.

Everising bandsaw and circular sawing machines are ISO accredited, and are among the finest in the world, renowned for their extraordinary rigidity and accuracy, while exhibiting the most advanced cutting tool technology.

Manual Machines

  • The BS-250S has a capacity of 260mm round and is a manual mitre cutting machine with a 0° - 45° swivel head.
  • The BS-250V has a variable blade speed drive and a capacity of 260mm round.
  • The BS-250SSV is the top of the range semi-automatic bandsaw machine with a 0°-45° mitre cutting swivel head, with a variable blade speed drive.

Mitre Cutting Machines for Structural Steel

The Everising swivel and double column mitre cutting bandsaw machines are available in all sizes to cut material up to a width of 1000mm.

  • The S-4633SA is semi-automatic, with a hydraulic vise clamping, 330mm round or 305mm high x 460mm wide.
  • The S-6240SA is semi-automatic with a hydraulic vise clamping, 400mm round or 400mm high x 620mm wide.
  • The S-8246SA is semi-automatic, with hydraulic vise clamping, 460mm round or 820mm high x 460mm wide.
  • The S-6235HA is fully automatic, with a hydraulic vise (shuttle type); 350mm round or 350mm high x 620mm wide).
  • The HW450/650 is semi-automatic, with hydraulic (full stroke) vise clamping; 450mm round or 420mm high x 650mm wide.
  • The HW500/900 is semi-automatic with hydraulic (full stroke) vise clamping; 520mm round or 500mm high x 900mm wide.

Fully Automatic Machines

These machines are fully automatic bandsaw machines for high production cutting of structural, square, rectangular, round bar and tubing.  They come standard with a chip conveyor, 2m roller table and nesting fixtures.

These heavy duty swivel and double column production machines include:

  • S-250HF (250mm round or 200mm high x 300mm wide).
  • H-260HB (260mm round or 310mm high x 260mm wide).
  • H-360HF (360mm round or 360mm high x 360mm wide).
  • H-460HF (460mm round or 500mm high x 460mm wide).
  • H-560HF (560mm round or 615mm high x 560 mm wide).

P Series CNC Cutting Machines

Everising started producing CNC carbide tipped circular saw machines in 1995.  These new technology machines include three models P-50, P-75, P-100, P-180, P-230, all designed specifically to operate in a CNC environment. The P-series machines are designed for high volume cutting of round and square bar between 15mm and 150mm.

The P series CNC machines are equipped with:

  • Automatic loading tables, which support a large number of work pieces.  This allows for automatic feeding of bar stock during cutting operations, resulting in continuous output.
  • A powerful saw head which has a gearing transmission driver, providing high efficiency and consistent cutting speed.
  • Carbide guide pads to strengthen the rigidity of the saw blades, assuring cutting accuracy and extending the life of the saw blade.
  • A user-friendly and highly graphic touch screen.

HSS Circular Cutting Range

The HSS Circular Cutting Range consists of three cutting capacity machines: C-275, C-325 and C-370, which come in manual, semi-automatic and automatic. 

The machines have a left cutting angle of 0° to 90° and a right cutting angle of 45° to 90°, and are able to cut solid bar, round tube, square tube, U-shaped steel and rectangular steel.

Billet Machines

A full range of semi-automatic double column bandsaw machines are available to cut solid billets from 360mm to 2100mm (2100mm high x 2100mm wide).


  First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
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