First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
  The Tubes division of First Cut has become an important part of the company's product offering. So much so that First Cut has teamed up with international manufacturers and specialists in tube technology to provide optimum quality and know-how to the market.

Laser Tube Cutting

The ADIGE (BLM Group) Laser Tube Cutting technology consolidates more than six different operations into one working cycle on a single machine. ADIGE Laser Tube Cutting machines are designed to cut any hole on tubes of different sections, in a fully programmed automatic cycle, thus eliminating all traditional sawing, deburring, drilling, lining-up and removal operations carried out on conventional machines.

Traditional fixed costs of punches, clamps, tools, masks and prints are completely eliminated from the specific CAD 3D programming to manage laser tube cutting operations and from the laser beam as a universal tool.

Laser tube cutting has brought significant process and economic benefits to the fabrication and assembly of mechanical tubing into a wide range of applications. These benefits are found in three primary areas:

  • improvements in productivity, with users reporting increases from 70% to 80% compared to conventional processes.
  • Reductions in downstream assembly costs thanks to the possibility of obtaining stricter fabrication tolerances resulting in better fittings, simpler and easily accessible fittings and assembly fixturing.
  • The high efficiency of the process and its broad flexibility put additional degrees of design freedom into the hands of product designers thereby enhancing innovation in new product development and reducing the time to market new products.
Tube Cutting

The complete cutting lines for tubes manufactured by Adige (BLM Group) are the result of 50 years of experience in the field of tube processing.

All tube sawing machines are equipped with automatic loading and unloading systems as well as with optional deburring, washing, measuring and collecting systems. They are suitable for cutting tubes, solid bars and profiles in iron, steel, aluminium, brass and copper.

All tube cutting machines are designed to run unattended throughout the following phases: bundle loading and feeding, cutting, brushing and deburring, in-line measuring, washing, drying and collecting.

Disk cutting of tubes, bars and profiles offers advantages in terms of quality, processing and technology compared to other technologies (e.g.: belt saws), and particularly: higher accuracy and cutting repeatability, higher orthogonality and better surface finishing quality, high productivity, reduced bar swarfs.

Tube Bending

The CNC tube bending machines by BLM are designed for quite diversified solutions in relation to each requirement.

Tube bending machines with one or two bending heads, left and/or right hand in-process bending, fixed or variable radii, up to four sets of RH mounted tooling and four sets of LH mounted tooling . Loading and unloading devices are also integrated as an option. Many are the product and process innovations that have been offered over the years, including the manufacture of variable radii in space with universal tooling designed to produce various sized radii, with the help of simple graphic programming.

The wire bending machines are equipped with two reversible bending heads with clockwise /anti clockwise rotation and variable radius; the two-head tube bending machines are particularly suitable for carrying out machining operations on medium and long workpieces with many bends and/or symmetrical and/or closed workpieces, generally used in the automotive, appliances, internal and external furnishing, shop and supermarket equipment and armoured resistance sectors.

Tube Endforming

The recent technical possibility of combining and integrating end-forming and removal has considerably improved traditional quality standards and offered new solutions at reduced costs.

The endforming machines by BLM cover a wide range of diameters and applications for all sectors: automotive, furniture, air conditioning and heating, bicycles and motorcycles, construction and special applications.

Special purpose solutions are also available with loading and unloading devices, either stand alone or linked to other processes, upstream or downstream. In addition to the plant supply, the service offered by BLM includes also pre-sale consultancy, feasibility study, equipment design and production and final tune-up of the entire tube machining plant.

Comac started over 40 years ago and has successfully manufactured and installed more than 8000 profile bending machines worldwide. Comac’s machines embody state of the art technology, acknowledging Comac’s exclusive solutions that combine theoretical know-how together with years of dedicated experience.
These machines are exclusively made in Italy and their level of excellence is recognized by all their valued customers.
- High class performance
- Increased accuracy and repeatability
- Consistency through entire range of machines
- Almost maintenance free
Comac is part of a group of three companies, active in different business fields, that are working together to Increase the production potential and reduce labour costs, ensuring absolute convenience and quality to their customers.

For almost 30 years Omni-X have exceeded expectations and have become the largest manufacturer of tube bending tools and global leader in value, innovation, unbeatable lead times and superior customer service in our industry.


  First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
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