First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
  First Cut has a long history in the band saw industry, and their intrinsic knowledge and experience has given them the edge in this area. Apart from own expertise in band saw technology, First Cut has brought to the South African market two exceptional international brands, Starrett and Wikus. 

With manufacturing facilities in Brasil, USA and Scotland, Starrett is a truly global brand, and a world leader in the design and manufacture of bandsaw blades. In addition, the company specialises in hacksaw blades, power tool accessories and speciality saw products.  Starrett prides itself on its state-of-the-art technology, including computer driven in-line tempering which ensures a straight blade, free from coil set, which is essential for optimum blade performance.

Duratec SFB

This band saw blade is recommended for general purpose cutting at an attractive cost on easy to machine materials.  The blades have excellent fatigue endurance.

Versatix MP

Developed, tested and manufactured in Scotland, the Versatix MP bandsaw blade has set new standards for blade life and performance in the cutting of structural steels, sections, tubes and small solids.

The Versatix MP is also ideal for customers using manual, ‘pull down’ band saw machines where the uncontrolled nature of the feed rate can easily lead to tooth strippage.Versatix MP is available in widths from 19 – 54mm.

Woodpecker Premium

The Woodpecker Premium band saw blades are designed for all types of wood cutting, and feature a spring tempered high carbon steel blade with induction re-hardened teeth, providing decreased production times and a better surface finish.

Wikus, a German-based company with global distribution, has been producing high-tech tools for industry and trade since 1958.  Wikus blades are used where utmost precision, fine cutting and maximum power are needed. Intensive, heavy industry, such as the automotive industry rely on Wikus’ outstanding quality band saw blades. Wikus blades are also used extensively in the steel and machine construction industries, able to cut easily and efficiently through the hardest materials, such as granite, steel or titanium alloys.

Wikus’ high-performance blades are manufactured in a range of finishes and materials, depending on the application: 

These include:

  • Carbon steel
  • Bimetal
  • Carbide, and
  • Diamond gritted

Wikus’ watchwords are:  maximum quality and economic use. The Wikus bandsaw blades offer extreme precision and long life, and are designed for the toughest materials.

  First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
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