First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions

First Cut has extensive experience and a wide knowledge of its band saw and circular saw blades and has partnered with four of the best known global brands in circular saw blades: Blecher, Julia, Steinbach, Kanefusa and Jaufasa.

Blecher Friction Circular Saw Blades allow the cutting of carbon steel in cold conditions (<1000C) through dry smelt cutting (friction cutting). They are used in flying or stationary sawing machines of continuously operating profile or tube production lines, or in the making of grates, fender walls etc. Optimised for an extra long blade life and the  least possible addiction to cracking, diameters up to 2500 mm.

Saw Blade Specifications

Material with alloy composition optimised according to the required life of the tool:

  • For through hardened blades with diameter up to 1500 mm used with flying saws
    - 1.2235 CV Chrome-Vanadium 80CrV2 = standard steel grade

    - 1.2604 70WM tungsten-Molybdenum 73WCrMoV2-2 with considerably improved blade life
     (available up to max. diameter 1000 mm)
  • For blades with flame hardened teeth and diameter up to 2500 mm used with stationary saws:51Mn7mod. = steel grade optimized for friction saw blades. Blecher special steel grades BL50, BL60 and BL80 for all diameters, alloys optimised for long blade life and low addiction to cracking.

The Italian specialist in circular saw blades, Julia Utensili has recently celebrated its thirtieth year in the business. The company offers a range of products that meets the needs of the market, including solid carbide saws, carbide tipped circular saws for cutting non-ferrous metals, steel and 'dry cut' saws for use on dry cutting machines. Julia is also a world leader in the production of circular knives for cutting a range of materials, such as cloth, leather, paper, cardboard and rubber.

Julia has a comprehensive range of HSS circular saw blades from 20mm to 620mm in diameter. The company prides itself on its coating technology, using the latest PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) technology. Each coating is carefully designed to suit each cutting requirement.

Julia produces circular saws using ultra high-speed steel, manufactured by steel plants which are all ISO 9000 approved. This guarantees quality of the products, which come with a casting certificate and a detailed chemical analysis of the steel.


Kanefusa is the pioneer of cold saw blades for single use.  The company's product range features seven types of blades used for the cutting of bearing steel, drive shafts, rails, pipes, shock absorbers and in many more applications.

Kanefusa blades offer high process reliability and durability.

Ferro Max (FM) Cold Saw Blades

The FM single use saw blades cut on average three times faster than a conventional band saw or metal saw, which means that one machine can do the job of three. 
The Ferro Max Speed can outlast a conventional saw blade by up to 10 times. 

FM Cold Saw Blades also allow thinner kerf than resharpenable types, which leads to a better material utilisation and less swarf to be disposed of and recycled.

Kanefusa Sash Pro

Kanefusa Sash Pro saw blades have polymer-injected vibration dampening elements incorporated into the plate (LS-P slits). The Kanefusa blades are produced with a special carbide, designed for cutting non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, and clearly outlasts conventional carbides.

  First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
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