First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
  First Cut has always had a strong base in cutting consumables. When the company started out, back in 1956, it specialised in supplying a variety of cutting blades to different industries. Some years later, First Cut expanded to include capital equipment in their portfolio, but the consumables side of the business continues to thrive as a key part of First Cut's product offering. This is especially true since First Cut merged with Alexander and Poole (Pty) Ltd in 2002, the sole agent for the Starrett range of engineering products in South Africa. This strategic move resulted in the most comprehensive range of cutting consumables available in South Africa, available exclusively through First Cut.

Eclipse is one of the trademark names of Neill Tools, a company which can chart its history back to 1760. James Neill started making the world's first composite steel hacksaw blades in 1911. By 1924, frames had been added to the range and the company introduced the classic shape which all hacksaws now mirror. Neill Tools is now the parent company of Spear and Jackson, based in Sheffield in the UK. With so much history in the steel and tool-making industries, one cannot go wrong with Eclipse.

The Eclipse Plus 30 represents the next generation of hacksaw blades. It can cut 30 percent faster than conventional blades because of its revolutionary blade tooth shape. Engineered to produce the best cut possible, the Eclipse Plus 30 delivers extra performance throughout its life.

Eclipse has a vast range of saws and blades for metal cutting, including:
  • Hand Hacksaw Blades
  • Power Hacksaw Blades
  • Hole Saws and Kits
  • Saw Frames
  • Small Saw Blades

Starrett is a global company, headquartered in Massachusetts, USA. The small saws and hand tools division is based in Scotland, and has been a global supplier of quality cutting tools since 1958.

Starrett offers specialised bi-metal saw technology. This technology is totally different from other methods of producing bi-metal saw blades: it joins two strips of high speed steel wire to a backing steel in a solid phase, using the principle of solid state diffusion bonding. The Bi Metal Unique Saw Technology offers many advantages, including a massive increase in resistance to tooth breakage, smoother faster cuts, longer blade life and lower cost per cut.

The vast Starrett range of saws, frames and blades includes:
  • Hole Saws
  • Arbors
  • Jig Saw Blades
  • Band Saw Blades
  • Reciprocating Saw Blades

Starrett offer a host of accessories, kits and applications guides for the user


  First Cut - Total Cutting Solutions
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